Samsung's Micro LED 'The Wall" Display Is Ready To Blanket Your Living Room With 4K Goodness

During CES 2018, one of the coolest things on display at the Samsung booth was called "The Wall". The Wall is a modular TV screen that buyers can size to their own specifications by adding more screens. Samsung produces the displays used in that modular screen using micro LED technology. Samsung's micro LED Technology is like OLED technology in that micro LEDs need no backlight. The promise is darker blacks and brighter whites along with superior image compared to normal LED TVs.

the wall

Samsung is now ready for the micro LED display to enter production, which means that commercial availability for The Wall is coming soon. Samsung envisions commercial and home entertainment applications for The Wall, with mass production kicking off in September. Initially, the target for these screens will be hotels, shops, stadiums, museums, convention centers and luxury homes.

Since The Wall is modular, it can be made to fit any size the end user wants. Samsung is also getting specific with The Wall and is asking that it not be called a TV. Samsung wants it referred to as a display or a screen. Samsung also notes that the coming home version of the wall will be 30mm or less thick; the version seen at CES 2018 was 80mm thick.

One key difference between the micro LED displays and previous Samsung LED tech is that the micro LEDs will use advanced flip-chip bonding technology that is proprietary and owned by Samsung. That tech is a way to interconnect semiconductor devices like integrated circuit chips to external circuitry with solder bumps deposited onto chip pads. Samsung also fits the micro LED displays with ultra-low reflection black technology and tech that enhances color. Samsung notes that for a 4K micro LED TV, a total of 24 million LEDs are needed. Another key difference between OLED and micro LED screens is that the micro LED will have a lifespan of around 100,000 hours which is longer than an OLED display.