Doh! Samsung Leaks Galaxy Note 9 Promo Video Stealing Their Own Thunder

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
We have seen numerous leaks of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 9, though the bulk have been from outside sources, not from with the South Korean handset maker itself. Not this time. The company 'accidentally' posted a intro video of the unreleased handset, and in the process it confirmed a few details about the device.

Now who really knows if it actually was an accident or a planned leak to generate some buzz. Companies like Samsung know how to leverage social media the and the press at large, and are believed to feed prominent leakers inside information at strategic points during a product's development. This might another case of that.

Or it could really be an accident. Either way, the video appeared for a short time on YouTube before Samsung yanked it down, though not before others could download and re-upload the same video. The 30-second promo, which we have embedded above, provides a few shots of the Galaxy Note 9 and its accompanying S Pen.

"Meet the new super powerful Note," the video begins as it zooms in on the device's rear camera array and fingerprint sensor. The model on display in the introductory video is the blue version, and the design is consistent with previous leaks and rumors.

Later in the clip, Samsung confirms in the accompanying fine print there will be a model with 512GB of built-in storage. The disclaimer is in regards to Samsung promoting the Galaxy Note 9 as being "1 terabyte ready with expandable memory." To reach that storage number, you would need to buy the 512GB SKU and shove a 512GB microSD memory card inside.
Samsung also teases the "all new powerful S Pen," which is now yellow. Rumor has it the S Pen will feature Bluetooth connectivity. That would open up some unique and interesting use case scenarios, such as using it as a shutter button from group photos.

Look for Samsung to announce the Galaxy Note 9 during its Unpacked event on August 9.