Samsung Launches Supersized, 5.7-Inch Galaxy S6 Edge+ With YouTube Live Streaming Support

If you thought that the Galaxy Note 5 was all that Samsung had in store for us today, then you’re sorely mistaken. The company also pulled the wraps off the Galaxy S6 Edge+, which as you may have already guessed, is a supersized version of the Galaxy S6 Edge that was released earlier this year.

While the Galaxy S6 Edge features a 5.1-inch QHD (2560x1440) display, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ stretches the screen to 5.7-inches while retaining that same QHD screen resolution. The larger display means that the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is now 5mm wider and 12mm longer than the Galaxy S6 Edge. Interestingly, the larger model is actually slightly thinner, measuring in at 6.9mm thick versus 7mm.

Galaxy S6 Edge+

There are two other [positive] hardware changes that we should note. The first change involves the Samsung Exynos 7420 processor, which now includes 4GB of RAM instead of 3GB. The second is change is a larger battery, which is welcome news given the fact we now have a larger screen to power and more RAM to feed. Battery capacity has been boosted from 2,600 mAh on the Galaxy S6 Edge to a more manageable 3,000 mAh on the Galaxy S6 Edge+ — the same capacity as the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung also has expanded the usefulness of the highly-acclaimed 16MP rear camera with live streaming capabilities. That’s right — the Galaxy S6 Edge+ -- and the Galaxy Note 5 for the matter — allows you to live stream to YouTube straight from the Samsung camera app. Video can be live streamed at 1080p resolution at up to 60fps to a single person, a group of people from your contacts or publicly with YouTube Live.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Like the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung isn’t launching the new Galaxy S6 Edge+ with a 128GB SKU, which is a bit of a head scratcher for us. You will, however, be able to purchase the smartphone in 32GB and 64GB configurations, and choose from White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium colors. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ will be available from all major U.S. wireless carrier beginning August 21st.