Samsung Launches Developer Forum for Android Programmers

Samsung is taking pity on Android developers who may feel overwhelmed or lost on where to start or are in need of technical support. The solution? A new Android Developer Forum tacked onto the existing Samsung Developers website. Samsung's grand idea is to create a one-stop shop for all things Android, things like the latest SDKS, tutorial videos, and hardware and software updates.

Part of the project even includes a Remote Test Lab (RTL), in which Android developers can test their apps even if they don't own a phone of their own.

Samsung Electronics Launches Developer Forum Designed to Support Android Application Developers


SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2011 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the global leader in Android™ mobile devices, today announced the Samsung Android Developer Forum, designed to provide technical support for its Android application developers. 


The Samsung Android Developer Forum will provide additional features and functionality specifically for the Android Developer via the existing Samsung Developers website ( Samsung Developers is a single destination for developers working with Samsung devices and is designed to provide news and updates and feature-rich content for technical advice and support. Samsung Developers draws in all of Samsung’s current development platforms (bada, Java, Widgets and Themes), providing a single integrated gateway, the latest SDK’s, tutorial videos and both hardware and software updates.


The Samsung Android Developer Forum will offer useful development tools to help complex projects get up and running as quickly as possible, including SDK plug-ins to assist with Augmented Reality (AR) or personalized LBS (Location Based Services). The Android Developer Forum will also offer the dynamic Theme Tool, Sensor Simulator and Remote Test Lab (RTL), which will allow developers to test their applications remotely on a real device if they do not have one available.


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