Samsung Issues Galaxy S8 And S8+ OTA Update To Fix Red Tinted Screen

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung makes some of the best mobile displays in the business. Its Super AMOLED panels are bright, vibrant, and typically better looking than the competition in our experience. However, you might know it if you received a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ device with an overly red-tinted display. In response to some users complaining of reddish panels, Samsung is prepping an over-the-air software update that should fix the issue.

It is not entirely clear why some Galaxy S8/S8+ displays appear more red than others. Some believe it is due to a chip in the phone that adjusts colors on the screen. Since Samsung uses chips from more than one supplier, it stands to reason that there could be some deviation in the color output. However, Samsung initially insisted that users could fix the problem simply by adjusting their phone's color settings.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Image Source: Instagram (konanzzang) via The Korea Herald

"Colors on the screen can vary depending on the angle or the environment. They may appear distorted. This is not a defect but just a matter of settings, something that can be adjusted by the user," Samsung said.

Some customers who pre-ordered a Galaxy S8/S8+ said they tried to adjusting things in settings but that the red tint remained. Enough of them spoke up that Samsung has now decided to take the matter into its own hands.

"Because there are some complaints about the red-tinted screens, we decided to upgrade the software next week for all Galaxy S8 clients," Samusng told The Korea Herald. Samsung also sent a sent a note to its Service Centers saying, "There will be an additional update to make color revisions more minutely at the end of April."

The upgrade is expected to offer up a wider color range for users to play with so they can dial back the red color even further. Samsung continues to insist that there are no problems with its flagship phones, but is willing to upgrade the software to address "some dissatisfied customers."