Samsung Issues Four New Atom N450-Based Netbooks

CES 2010 promises to be a launching pad for Intel in a few big ways. Not only has the company just launched its 32nm Arrandale and Clarkdale platforms in earnest, but it also launched its Pinetrail platform just a few weeks ago. That tiny window of lead time will likely lead to us seeing all sorts of new hardware taking advantage of the new Pineview chip, and as we've already seen with Asus, companies aren't wasting any time showcasing new netbooks based around a fresh CPU.

For most (if not all) of last year, netbooks were stuck utilizing Intel's 1.6GHz Atom N270 or the slightly more powerful 1.66GHz Atom N280. Regardless of design changes or anything else, the CPU generally remained the same. It was a tiring trend, and we're certain that PC makers are eager to move on and offer prospective customers a taste of something they've never seen before.

Samsung outed a number of netbooks last year, all of which were well designed but weren't radically different than any competing models from other companies in terms of specifications. This year, the company is one of the first out of the gate with new netbooks based on Intel's Atom N450 processor, and it's taking full advantage of the opportunity in front of it. Rather than just producing a single new netbook to focus on, the company is serving up four: the N210, N220, N150 and NB30. All four have the Atom N450 under the hood, with the first two boasting 12hrs. of battery life (under ideal conditions, we're guessing), the N150 boasting 8.5hrs. and the NB30 11hrs.

Each one has a 10.1" LED display with a 1024x768 resolution, and the whole crew features a mark-and-scratch resistant durable coating. Supposedly, the coasting protects the machines from scratches and scuffs, which are far more likely on a netbook (which is apt to travel with you) than a larger notebook that rarely leaves the home. The HDD is also surrounded by a freefall sensor in order to protect your data in case of a drop, and the NB30 has a water-tight seal around the shell to prevent damage for small spills. An Instant-On OS is also included, as are tools to easily backup your data, better manage power usage and transfer files while on the go. Exact specifications and prices have yet to be revealed, but all four netbooks are expected to be available early this month in most of EMEA, the Americas and Asia.