Samsung Reportedly Working On Nautilus Chromebook With High-End Camera

Some factoids have surfaced over the last few days that signal Samsung is expensing its presences in the Chromebook market with a very cool new device. This device is reportedly by the codename "Nautilus" and some details about the tablet have been confirmed recently thanks to a comment in the Chromium Repositories. The comment laid out Samsung's plans clearly and read "…so the component used on samsung nautilus project could have the mipi camera support."


The comment also shed some light on what sort of camera would be used inside the Samsung device, and it's a fancy camera sensor (for a Chromebook). Specifically, the Sony IMX258 sensor will be used inside Nautilus, which is the same camera sensor that LG crams inside the G6 smartphone.

Some might lament that there are better cameras on the market for smartphones, but this Sony IMX258 sensor would be far and away the best camera sensor ever put into a Chromebook. Previously the best Chromebook camera was a miserly 720p unit leaving lots to be desired with regards to overall quality. As for other details, there are rumors about other Nautilus features.

The Chromebook would need to be small enough for it to be convenient to use it for photography, so the word on the street is that the Nautilus would be a 12-inch or less screened detachable device. This fancy camera is expected to be a rear-facing unit and presumably the Nautilus would also have a front camera. Previous rumors also tipped a detachable stylus for the device.

A fancy Chromebook with a high-end camera sensor from a premium device made by Samsung sounds expensive. Google has been pushing the Chromebook to higher-end levels of late with its own Pixelbook starting at a tick under $1,000. The Samsung Nautilus could be right in that price range.