Samsung Intros TL320 And HZ15W 12MP Cameras

Samsung just got done introducing four new point and shoot models last week, and now it's already busy again announcing two more. Both new ones are 12 megapixel shooters that can easily slip into your pocket, and while the styling is classically Samsung, the features here are somewhat unique.

The TL320 features a Schneider lens along with a 24mm ultra-wide angle focal length and a 5x optical zoom. Furthermore, it incorporates a three-inch, 460,000-dot HVGA AMOLED screen, which -- according to Samsung -- is the largest AMOLED display on a digital camera to date. In comparison to a traditional TFT-LCD, this AMOLED panel consumes less power (giving you more snapshots per charge) and offers a higher contrast ratio of 10,000:1, which produces darker black levels, more vibrant colors, and a brighter display which can be viewed even in direct sunlight.

Also, this camera includes a 720p movie capture mode and an HDMI output (via a cradle) for showcasing high definition footage on your HDTV. In order to ensure that your shots are devoid of blur, Samsung has equipped the unit with both Optical and Digital Image Stabilization, and the nice array of manual options give even the amateur room to get creative. Of course, the included Face Detection, Blink Detection, Smile Shot, and Beauty Shot technologies are there to help the novices, and the two analog dials atop the camera's body showcase battery life and memory capacity in a fun, retro way.

Next up is the HZ15W, which is the step-up model from the HZ10W introduced in January at CES 2009. The 12 megapixel shooter features a 24mm ultra-wide angle Schneider lens and a 10x optical zoom, and as expected, the company included both Optical and Digital Image Stabilization in order to kill blur while the zoom is fully extended. As with the HZ10W, this camera also records video at 720p, and while there's no AMOLED here, it still has a spacious three-inch LCD.

The TL320 will ship in black or silver and will be available this May for $379.99; the HZ15W will ship next month for just $329.99.