Samsung Innovation Museum Chronicles The Digital Age, Even Includes Apple And Sony

It might not be every day that you find yourself strolling around Suwon, South Korea, but should you be in the area, there's a new place to check out. To celebrate its 45th anniversary -- and love of technology -- Samsung today opened the doors to the Samsung Innovation Museum to the public. Inside you'll find all kinds of modern wonders, including several of Samsung's own products, such as its line of smartphones and curved televisions.

It's a five-story museum that takes up around 118,000 square feet at Samsung Digital City. In addition to its own products and technologies, visitors will see important product inventions from other companies, even Apple, one of its biggest competitors. AT&T, NEC, Intel, Sharp, and several others are represented in the museum, as well.


According to Engadget, Samsung's tour begins with the advent of electricity and goes on from there. The first ever television set is on display, and so are several other goodies that mark technological advancements through the years.

It's an interesting showcase by Samsung, which is perhaps trying to transform its image from a follower to an innovator. One way to do that is by opening a museum and educating visitors on the company's place in history, as well as its current role and future endeavors.

The museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday an admission is free. Weekend visits accept walk-ins, though you'll need a reservation to visit the museum during the week.