Samsung Has Two More Folding Smartphones On The Way Claims Report

As OEMs scramble to find ways to get people to upgrade to new and expensive devices, folding smartphones are seen as a way to do that. Samsung has one folding smartphone called the Galaxy Fold that will launch in April and sell for nearly $2,000. Now, a new report making the rounds claims that Samsung has two more folding screen smartphones coming after the Galaxy Fold launches.

samsung fold

Reports indicate that Samsung is getting set to launch a folding clamshell device that folds similarly to the Huawei Mate X, which features a single large folding display. Huawei's folding device has a design that prevents any significant gaps in the device when closed, something that the Galaxy Fold has been criticized for. By folding on the outside, the screen is visible even when the device is folded.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold closes like a notebook hiding the main display. Samsung is currently trying to broaden the reach for the displays it produces for folding smartphones. It allegedly sent Apple and Google folding dispaly samples in an effort to drum up more business and lower overall manufacturing costs. The new folding Samsung phone is tipped for a reveal late this year or early next year.

The device is said to have an extra screen on the outside, but that extra screen might not make production depending on how buyers respond to the Galaxy Fold. A second device described as having a vertical clamshell folding display (likely similar in concept to the upcoming Moto RAZR remake).

The folding phone market faces challenges, and not only due to the very high prices devices are demanding right now. A more significant challenge is that with the folding form factor being so new, no one knows the ideal design configuration so we may see some wild ideas over the next few years.