Samsung Has A 75" 3D Smart TV, With Gesture-Controlled Angry Birds

The world's largest HDTV? Not quite, but it's certainly amongst the biggest, and definitely up there in terms of TVs that are actually available for sale to simpletons like us. Samsung just announced a new 75" monster of a TV -- a Smart TV that actually includes a copy of gesture-controlled Angry Birds. That's right, a Smart TV with Angry Birds. It's probably the biggest edition of Angry Birds ever. The ES9000 LED Smart 3D TV packs tons of other punches as well, with a larger-than-life frame, a .31" curved bezel with no visible seams, and support for video calling apps like Skype. The ES9000 also comes with four pairs of 3D glasses, not to mention Smart Content from floor to ceiling.

The ES9000 also includes Sound Share, the newest innovative Smart TV feature, which automatically and wirelessly connects TV audio to Samsung's Series 6 and Series 7 Wireless Audio with Dock Systems via Bluetooth. Inside, you'll get a dual-core processor, which enables the highest contrast ratio on a Samsung Smart TV to date. The price? Oh, just $9,999. Don't worry -- you have until August to save up.
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