Samsung Grabs Temporary Window To Sell Galaxy Nexus Right Away

Great news for Samsung (and fans of the Galaxy Nexus) this evening: while the company was forced to halt sales of the phone just days ago after a judge granted Apple an injunction, now the phone has been cleared for sale in the U.S. Temporarily, at least. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has today agreed to a temporary stay of the ban, enabling a small window of time for sales to continue until Apple formally responds on July 12th. It's a lot of legal back-and-forth, but essentially this allows Google to once again list the phone for sale in its Play store. This is actually a fast-forward of earlier news today, which expected sales to resume next week.

One has to wonder, however, just how useful this all is. It's all about Apple's patents and Google allegedly infringing on them with Android, and Google says that a small over-the-air Android 4.1 update will make the phone clear of all wrongdoing. What if all this lawyer money was being spent on new ideas and new products? Consumers would probably be happier, and legal teams would probably be sadder. Just a hunch.