Samsung Grabs mSpot: Media Software Getting A Cloud Twist?

The cloud races have turned into sprints, and no one is slowing down. In fact, Samsung's speeding up, and this week they've picked up another company to help them along the way. mSpot was one of the first major outfits to offer a service that allowed you to store music in the cloud (a lot like Google Music, actually), and eventually they moved into the business of content streaming and carrier partnerships. But now, mSpot is being acquired by Samsung.

According to the company: "The acquisition will provide a cloud-based entertainment experience of music, video and radio services for users of Samsung devices, while extending mSpot's cloud and streaming solutions to a broader base of global entertainment fans. The combination will extend mSpot's top class cloud and streaming services while further enhancing Samsung's mobile and tablet device entertainment offerings. mSpot's entertainment services will be a key integrated offering on newly announced Samsung mobile devices."

Samsung has clearly shown that they plan to differentiate their Android products with software tweaks, and what better way than to snag mSpot's technology and add cloud aspects to their own Media Hub products? The acquisition will include the full scope of technology, assets and human resources under mSpot, but there's no telling a) what kind of money changed hands and b) when this will start to impact Samsung handsets.
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