Samsung Giving Away Covers And NFC TecTiles To S III And Note II Buyers

In what can only be described as a bid to make its TecTiles product line a bit more... mainstream, Samsung has just announced that new Galaxy S III and Note II buyers are now eligible to receive not only a free flip cover, but six TecTiles. It's actually a pretty excellent deal, given that TecTiles typically sell for around $15 for a six-pack, and covers are generally overpriced at $20+. TecTiles utilize NFC, enabling you to tag six things that are important to you and then using your smartphone to interact with them in digital fashion. Unfortunately, the offer doesn't extend beyond these two phones, but perhaps it's just an experiment to spur TecTiles adoption.

Speaking of, have you dabbled much in NFC? Samsung makes a pretty big deal about the integrated NFC, and it's one "highlight" feature that's notable absent from the newest iPhone -- but is it really a big deal to the masses?