Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Photos Look Legit With Shrinking Bezels, No Physical Home Button

When it comes to leaked photos of unreleased hardware, especially smartphones, it is difficult to know what is real and what is fake. Making matters even more complicated is that designs can change over time as prototypes get tweaked and evolve into shipping products. So with that disclaimer, take these latest supposed leaks of Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone with a pinch of salt, maybe two.

The photos certainly look legitimate. An examination of the features that can be seen (and not seen) also fall in line with previous rumors regarding the Galaxy S8's design. For example, there is virtually no bezel on the sides. The display wraps around as it does on Samsung's Edge variants, and rumor has it that the company's been considering only releasing a curved screen version of the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked

Also noticeably missing from the supposed leaks is a Home button. While not confirmed, Samsung is said to be getting rid of the Home button on the Galaxy S8 and replacing it with a virtual one. Overall it is a nice looking phone, assuming it's real.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Render

The latest photos claiming to be the real deal look very similar to recently leaked renders of the Galaxy S8, shown above. Once again, we see a handset with no Home button, a curved display, and narrow bezels. It also appears that there is just a single camera on the rear, which is another rumored feature (no dual cameras).

All of these found their way to web courtesy of Veniamin Geskin, or @VenyaGeskin1 if going by his Twitter handle. According to some detective work at International Business Times, Geskin is an "experienced graphics designer" who later tweeted that the renders were his own mockups. Some observers have called into question his alleged photos too, noting that they could really be Galaxy S7 Edge devices edited in Photoshop.

We don't have an answer for that, which is why we said to take these images with a grain of salt. Consider this though—however unlikely it may seem, even if the images are fake it does not rule out the possibility that Geskin spied a look at the real thing, depending on how deep his connections go.

In any event, Mobile World Congress will kick off towards the end of next month. Should Samsung announce the Galaxy S8 at MWC, as expected, we'll have some concrete answers soon.