Latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Photo Leak Confirms Return of Coveted microSD Slot

One of the most talked about smartphones is a model that's not even out yet, the Galaxy S7. Not without reason, Samsung's next flagship is an interesting product on a number of levels, and as such there's been no shortage of rumors, leaked photos, and outright speculation. One of the recurring themes among it all is whether or not Samsung will bring back expandable storage via microSD, and the latest leak suggests it will.

The folks at Android Authority secured some photos and what they feel are concrete details about the Galaxy S7 from an "anonymous insider." Surprisingly, the leaked photos aren't terrible—how often have we been able to say THAT? One of them shows the microSD/SIM card tray combo removed from the phone. Have a look:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Leaked Photo

The actual microSD slot isn't visible, but according to the insider, it's there. He also spilled a few other specs, including the presence of a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera, 2,800 mAh battery, IP68 or IP67 rating, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow shipping on the Galaxy S7 out of the box (no big surprise there).

If in fact Samsung does bring back the microSD card slot, it will be much to the delight of Galaxy fans, many of which bemoaned its absence in the Galaxy S6. It was one of several noticeably missing features resulting from Samsung's decision to run with a more premium design than it had with previous Galaxy handsets. The lack of a removable battery was another popular complaint.

The Galaxy S7 will also be the first flagship device released under the guidance of D.J. Koh, who replaced J.K. Shin as Samsung's mobile boss late last year.