Samsung Galaxy S4 Owners Can Get an Early Look at Android 4.3

As if Samsung Galaxy S4 owners don't already have enough bragging rights over most of the competition in the smartphone space, they can now be one of the first to kick the tires on Android 4.3, the next iteration of Jelly Bean. A bit of bravado is required, however, as the firmware that's floating around isn't yet an official release, though everything appears to be in order.

The Android 4.3 firmware is available over at SamMobile, a site that's been known to serve up early (and functioning) looks at upcoming Samsung updates.

"Android 4.3 port from the Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 is fully functional on the standard Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505), there is not even a single thing which isn’t working," SamMobile states in sporadic bold. "We haven’t made any changes to the port, so it’s 100 percent original with zero changes."

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
Image Source: SamMobile

The site says this isn't flashable through Odin, though it's easy enough to install if you're at all familiar with flashing ROMs. Just copy the ROM to your internal SD card, enter Recovery (Power + Volume up + Home), Wipe/Factor Reset your Galaxy S4, flash, and reboot.

Bear in mind that this is an early version of Android 4.3, so it's likely missing some features and enhancements that will be found in the final build.