Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumored To Add This Handy Wireless Charging Feature

Samsung Galaxy S9
Maybe one day we won't have to worry about charging our mobile phones—they'll just simply always turn on and work, with batteries that never run out of juice. Until that day arrives, charging is still an everyday occurrence for most of us. That includes a growing number of supplementary gadgets, like wireless earbuds, which you might be able to plop on top of your Galaxy S10 to charge them up.

The Galaxy S10 has not yet been announced, of course, so we are relying on leaks, rumors, and speculation. There are plenty of all three to go around, especially now that the Galaxy S10 is just a few weeks away from being officially unveiled.

One of the newest features to leak out is reverse wireless charging. This is something Huawei introduced with its Mate 20 Pro, and if the latest rumor is true, it will also be included on all three (or possibly four) upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 phones.

Reverse wireless charging is just as it sounds—it allows the host device to wirelessly charge other devices. In this case, you could wirelessly charge a gadget by placing it on top of the Galaxy S10.

Why would you want to do that? We suppose it could come in handy on select occasions. If your wireless earbuds or smartwatch is about to die, you could place it on top of your Galaxy S10 to juice it back up.

You can already do this sort of thing through a USB-C connector, so this is just an extension of the same functionality. There are downsides, of course—the Galaxy S10 is likely to have a slippery back, you'd be draining the Galaxy S10 of its own charge, and devices probably will not charge as quickly compared to plugging them in to a charger.

Regardless of all that, it makes sense to add this feature, for the few occasions where you might actually want to use it. Interestingly, it's said Samsung will implement this ability into all of its Galaxy S10 devices, including the Galaxy S10 Lite.

We'll find out soon enough—Samsung is hosting its Unpacked event on February 20 and is expected to unveil both its Galaxy S10 lineup, and its upcoming folding smartphone. Stay tuned!
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