Samsung Galaxy S10 Bright Night Mode Could Rival Pixel 3 Night Sight For Low-Light Photos

Galaxy S9
Smartphone makers have wisely prioritized camera performance as a top feature on their high-end handsets, and even some mid-range and entry-level phones boast solid photo taking capabilities these days. One of the best phone cameras we've played with is on the Pixel 3 series. Well, rumor has it that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 will feature an upgraded camera that is every bit as good as the Google Pixel 3 in low light situations.

We don't know this for a fact, of course, and it will be impossible to know for sure until we've spent some hands on time with the Galaxy S10. Obviously we can't do that at the moment. However, there is evidence to suggest that Samsung is working on a "Bright Night" feature for its Galaxy S10, which would presumably be similar to Google's Night Sight feature on the Pixel 3.

The folks at XDA Developers discovered references to a Bright Night feature when decompiling the stock Samsung Camera APK found in the most recent One UI/Android Pi build for the Galaxy Note 9. They found several strings of text related to Bright Night, one of which described the ability to "take bright pictures even in very dark conditions."

What this probably means is that the Bright Night feature is headed to the Galaxy Note 9 as well. However, from a marketing standpoint, there's a certain logic in holding off announcing the feature until the company unveils the Galaxy S10, since camera performance is one of the most important aspects on a smartphone.

It's all speculation right now. What we can say is that the Pixel 3 has sort of set the bar for low light performance. ASUS's ROG Phone also takes good photos in less-than-ideal lighting, as we recently discovered. As for the Galaxy S10, we anticipate an unveiling early next year, likely around Mobile World Congress in February.