Samsung Galaxy S IV To Be Officially Launched On March 14 In New York City

This is something the folks running Mobile World Congress won't be happy about. Rather than using the year's largest mobile show to unveil the next generation Galaxy S smartphone, Samsung is doing something that more and more companies are doing: throwing its own party. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is likely to be Samsung's flagship reveal in Barcelona, while the item that most everyone was truly waiting on (the GSIV) will be revealed to the masses in its own event in New York City next month.

The date is March 14th, and you can bet that Samsung's monster marketing budget will extend to push this thing in a huge way. With Apple (likely) still months out from unveiling a new iPhone, the Galaxy S IV will have the smartphone world to itself all through the summer. It will also go down as the first U.S.-based launch of a flagship Galaxy S smartphone in three years. Samsung Electronics' mobile division chief JK Shin was quoted as saying the following: "We introduced the Galaxy S III in London last year, and this time we changed the venue (to New York)... as we were bombarded with requests from U.S. mobile carriers to unveil the Galaxy S IV in the country."

The GSIV isn't likely to look drastically different, but instead boast a higher resolution display, a nicer camera, and a speedy quad-core CPU. Just two years ago, Samsung used MWC to launch the Galaxy S II, but it's clear that the line has taken off in such a way that warrants a dedicated event. Needless to say, you should be hearing more whenever the advertising blitz commences.