Samsung Galaxy Note Catches Fire Injuring South Korean Man

Every once in a while, one of our beloved gadgets has some kind of meltdown and creates a major inconvenience. More rarely, one has a real meltdown and actually causes injury. That’s what allegedly happened to a South Korean man who was carrying a battery for a 2011 Samsung Galaxy Note. Reports show the hapless smartphone user ended up with burns to his leg when the battery caught fire in his pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Note

It’s not clear whether the battery was the one that came with the Galaxy Note, or whether it was a third-party replacement battery. In any event, this is the second time that a South Korean has reported a Samsung smartphone battery catching fire. But although lithium-ion batteries have had a few very public disasters (just ask Boeing), they’re not known for being particularly unstable.

Although there are plenty of reputable battery brands, it’s easy to pick up garbage from low-end retailers. As with so many things, you get what you pay for with batteries. Then again, even those of us who like a deal don't expect to end up with a fire in our pocket.