Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Confirmed For Release Thanks To FCC Filing

Let there be no lingering doubt: Samsung has an 8" tablet in the pipeline. While the original Galaxy Tab filled the 7" void, and the Note 10.1 has done likewise for the largest 10" form factor, there's always a market for the in-between. In an effort to address each and every possible preference, Samsung is evidently readying a Galaxy Note 8.0. Rumors were already flying that an 8" Android slate was on the docket for the company, but now there's confirmation courtesy of an FCC filing. If you don't follow these closely, an FCC filing generally foreshadows a near-term release of a product. Essentially, Samsung had to submit this product to the FCC for testing, and now that the internals and wireless radios are cleared for use in the United States, there aren't too many remaining hurdles for a release to occur.

The filing doesn't delve into too many specifics, but we are shown a GT-N5110 model number, a Wi-Fi radio, Bluetooth, and a description that mentions a "personal tablet." All signs are now pointing to a release at Mobile World Congress in just a few weeks, so it's possible we may see a few editions of the new Note in order to suit various carrier requirements. Hopefully, it'll ship with Android 4.2 onboard from the start.