Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition Is Unlocked And Aimed At Businesses

Samsung has rolled out a new version of its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, and this version is aimed directly at enterprise and business users. Samsung says that it is the first unlocked smartphone it has offered that was designed specifically for enterprise and SMB market. The new version is the called the Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition and it promises enterprise-level customization, management, support, and security enhancements.

"Modern enterprises are dealing with a conflict when it comes to their mobile strategies—a push and pull between what they require of IT to keep organizations secure and productive, and what their employees have come to expect when using mobile devices," said Eric McCarty, Vice President, Mobile B2B Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. "We call this the IT Paradox, and the Note8 Enterprise Edition helps solve it by providing simple and comprehensive tools for IT to manage and secure their mobile environment, while giving users a device they will love."

galaxy note8

Key features of the smartphone include Samsung Knox Configure and Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over the Air (E-FOTA); both features are meant to help reduce downtime and make managing smartphones across an enterprise easier. Knox Configure allows IT admins to securely and remotely configure and display branded, customized mobile experiences.

E-FOTA allows the IT team to manage devices with centralized OS and software version control as well as schedule updates. The smartphone also has enhanced security and business continuity. That means Samsung will provide regular monthly security updates for up to three years. Enterprises also get the assurance that they can buy the same device model for up to two years from availability.

Other than those special enterprise availability features, this Enterprise Edition is the same smartphone that consumers purchase. That means S Pen, Infinity Display, and a very nice camera. You can read more about the Note 8 in our review.

"For years, our partners have been asking us for a Samsung flagship device they can standardize across their entire wireless ecosystem. They've asked that the device offer built-in and centralized device configuration and security solutions, and that it include the option to support both single-carrier and multi-carrier deployment strategies," said Kerry McGonigal, CEO, Hyperion Partners—a member of Samsung Team of Empowered Partners. "The Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition is the solution we’ve been waiting for. It supports a wide range of customer budgets and procurement policies, and it provides the ideal complement to Hyperion’s Mobility-as-a-Service solution."

The Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition is available now via Samsung channel partners and will sell for $994 per device.