Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Pen-Enabled Phablet Rendered Two Months Ahead Of Reveal

Leaks sure have come a long way, haven't they? It used to be that sometimes, a leak would occur when someone in a privileged position spotted something of interest on some paper, while other times, we might have even been blessed to see a photo that someone managed to snap. But that's all old-school. Today, with huge capabilities at our fingertips, some have gone to the extent of rendering an upcoming smartphone based on leaked blueprints.

We're seeing that happen now, with Samsung's Galaxy Note 6. After infamous leaking account @OnLeaks leaked the phone's blueprints to the internet, website uSwitch decided to go to town and create lifelike 3D renders, giving us a tentative look at what the phone could look like.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

What we can see from these renders is that the screen is curved on both sides, just like with the Galaxy 7 edge (our review). At the bottom-right hand side of the device is a spot for its stylus, and not far from that is a USB-C connector - a first for a Samsung device.

The unofficial dimensions of the Galaxy Note 6 are 153.5mm x 73.9mm x 7.9mm, suggesting that the phone is closer to the 6-inch form-factor than a 5.5-inch one.

In a separate tweet, Evan Blass says that the launch event for the Note 6 (or 7, as it will probably be called) will go down in "almost exactly" two months. Let's see if that holds true (something tells us that it will.)