Samsung Galaxy Gear Companion App Screens Leaked

Make no mistake: the smartwatch is the next major avenue for technology companies to truly innovate and re-capture a base that has become uninterested with the saturation of me-too, high-end, spec-crazy smartphones and tablets that are flooding the market. Sure, the smartphone revolution that kicked off in 2007 has had an incredible ride, but there's just less interest now as we've reached something of a technological peak in many ways. The next phase is wearables, and the resurgence of the watch is going to hit the masses in a big way. Unlike Google Glass, which costs Explorers some $1500, watches will be priced far more sensibly.

Samsung, not one to sit around and wait for everyone else to bite first, has a watch on the horizon, and it'll be called the Galaxy Gear. If you had any doubts, just peek these Android screenshots, which clearly showcase a Galaxy Gear app -- an app designed to interface tightly with an as-yet-unannounced Gear watch. Samsung has a huge event scheduled for 9/4, during the IFA Trade Show in Berlin, Germany. What'll be on deck? Most likely, the Gear smartwatch.

Based on this app screenshot, it'll be NFC enabled for easy pairing with Android phones, and it'll allow you to tweak watch settings on your phone's larger screen -- quite handy. There's also a "Find my watch" option for locating lost timepieces, and the "My apps" section seems to indicate that actual apps will indeed be able to run on the watch's face. If you aren't excited by now, you should probably seek therapy.