Samsung Galaxy F Render Is The Foldable Galaxy Flagship You’re Jonesing For

Samsung has been rumored to be hard at work on a smartphone with a folding screen for a long time now. Fans of Samsung Galaxy devices have been excitedly curious about the device and a bunch of new renders have turned up showing what the smartphone might look like. First of all, the folding Galaxy device has been rumored as the Galaxy X in the past. These renders call the device the Galaxy F and they are claimed to be the result of a deep dive into the patents Samsung has on folding devices and a conversion of schematic drawings into renderings.

galaxy f hand

The massive amount of space in the hinge area of the Galaxy F in these renderings is far from what we all hoped for. The big payoff, however, is that in these renders, there is no split in the screen. Many have wondered if Samsung will be able to pull off a true folding display with no seams or if the device will simply have a joint with the smallest bezels possible between two normal displays.

galaxy f flat

The hinge is fat and will virtually guarantee that this device won't slip into a pocket as most of us are used to carrying smartphones today (due to its thickness when closed). The hinge very much looks like what Microsoft uses on its Surface Book laptops.

galaxy f fold

The control buttons are always exposed in these renders with slightly less than half the device folding over. These renders show a fingerprint scanner on the back of the smartphone; however, Samsung could just as easily integrate the scanner into the screen which would make for a cleaner design.

galaxy f lean
galaxy f l

With an rumored high price tipped for the folding Galaxy device of $1,850 without subsidies, Samsung will likely throw every feature imaginable into the folding smartphone to entice buyers. Fat hinge aside, these renders show a very slick device that could win iPhone fans over to Samsung and woo smartphone users holding on to old devices thanks to the lack of real design innovation in the market.