Samsung Expects Galaxy S III Sales To Reach 10 Million In July

It's no secret that Samsung's Galaxy S III has been a huge hit among Android fans. As a result, the company is already predicting impressive sales numbers. In July, Samsung expects sales of the latest Galaxy smartphone to surpass 10 million. Of course this is on a global scale, not just in the United States.

What's remarkable is that the Galaxy S III has the potential to hit the 10-million milestone within two months of its launch. Samsung began offering the Galaxy S III in Europe on May 29. The phone was released to U.S. carriers last week. Yesterday, Samsung began offering the phone in its home market. By the end of July, about 300 mobile carriers in 147 countries will offer the Galaxy S III.

Samsung executives have acknowledged it's hard to keep up with the demand for this smartphone, due in part to component shortages. Shin Jong-kyun, president of Samsung's mobile communications business, said the company expects to resolve the mobile component supply issues in the next week.