Samsung Expected To Double Earnings From Galaxy Phone Sales

Things are looking good for Samsung -- really good, actually. The latest reports in the world of mobile make no bones about it: Apple and Samsung are eating up profits in the smartphone world, and at least in terms of sheer moneymaking, it's a two-horse race here. Apple's clearly doing well, and has been for years, but now reports are suggesting that Samsung could be ready to post a "record quarterly profit" on Galaxy Phone sales. The Galaxy line of smartphones, from low-end to high-end, have become hugely popular all over the world, and are quickly becoming one of the faces of Android.

Reportedly, the company's next earnings call will reveal a $5.9 billion operating profit figure, representing a staggering 79% jump from a year ago. Earnings from mobile phones along "more than doubled" in the last quarter, with the larger-than-usual Galaxy Note helping tremendously. According to Matt Evans, a Seoul-based analyst at CLSA Asia- Pacific Markets, Samsung probably shipped around 50 million smartphones in Q2 -- that's a wildly huge number, no matter how you slice it. In fact, some analysts are suggesting that the toughest thing for Samsung isn't finding people to buy the phone; it's keeping it in stock.