Samsung Expands 4K Lineup With AMD FreeSync-Enabled Gaming Displays

Samsung announced two new monitors today, both of which support AMD FreeSync. Manufacturers typically launch the lower-end model first, but today the 28-inch Samsung U28E590D is available and it’s the less-expensive, 24-inch U24E590D that will be arriving July 26.

FreeSync is AMD’s well-received response to NVIDIA’s G-Sync, which has also earned its share of praise. The technologies provide smoother graphics, particularly in video games, which is why Samsung is targeting these new screens at gamers.

Samsung U24E590D
Samsung U24E590D

Both the Samsung U24E590D and the U28E590D are 4K (3840x2160) displays with HDMI 2.0 for 60Hz content. There are a few differences: the 24-inch model has a slightly better viewing angle, but a slightly longer response time. (The smaller monitor has a 4ms response time to the U28E590D’s 1ms response time.)

The monitors have upscale technology, which is meant to upscale HD content to 4K quality. The monitors each have 2 HDMI ports (one of which is the 2.0 port; the other is 1.4) and a DP connection. Samsung tosses in both HDMI and DP cables, which is a nice touch.

Samsung U28E590D freesync
Samsung U28E590D

Although Samsung is targeting the monitors at gamers, the picture-in-picture feature is handy for getting a movie in while you’re working. As we mentioned earlier, the U24E590D arrives July 26 for $399.99. The U28E590D is available for $599.99.