Samsung Drops Efforts To Block Apple Sales In Europe; Is The War Almost Over?

One has to wonder what the technology universe would feel like if Apple and Samsung weren't at each other's throats. For months now, we've just seen the two tech titans battling like no other in courtrooms all across the globe, largely bitter of patents and who infringed on who. But all told, it's all rather boring. For consumers, it's all just noise that's impeding innovation on both fronts, and that's no good for anyone. Thankfully, it seems that with the end of the year coming up, the two are inching closer to putting all of this aside.

Just this week, Samsung decided to cease its efforts to block sales of Apple products in Europe. Earlier still, a U.S. judge rejected Apple's request to outright ban sales of Samsung products in America. It's unclear if this truly means that both companies are backing away from their respective legal weaponry, or if it's just a one-off case that doesn't mean much for the hatred between them. But if Apple really does need Samsung's internal products to continue producing record amounts of hardware, it's probably smart for the both of them to stop spending money and effort on legal quibbles.
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