Samsung Design For Roll-Up Panel For Future Displays And TVs Uncovered In Patent Filing

Samsung has been doing a lot with display panels in recent years thanks in part to its innovative OLED technology, but the company doesn't appear to be resting on its current achievements alone. A new patent filed on Christmas Day has revealed Samsung's plan to develop what it is calling a rollable display.

Samsung Rollable Display 6

Looking at the images included with the patent, which was first uncovered by LetsGoDigital, Samsung's rollable display at first glance looks more like a patent for some sort of flash drive, but it is actually an image of the rollable display in its most compact state. The left and right sides of this device can be pulled, opening the device up to more closely resemble a conventional flat screen display.

Although the idea is an interesting one, we have few details about just what real world products this patent will lead to. There isn't any mention of how large these displays will be, and it doesn't discuss manufacturing details. If Samsung is able to work out the details, we will likely see rollable TVs and rollable computer displays at some point in the future, but we also can't help but wonder how this will be helpful.

Samsung Rollable Display 2

Just imagine for a moment that you had a rollable display. How often are you really going to open and close it? Probably not a lot. It would probably be nice when it comes time to move to a new home if you could just roll your TV up, but what other advantage could there be to a rollable display?

Samsung likely has a few grander ideas in mind for this technology, but until the company discloses more information, all we can do is speculate and wonder what will become of this idea if the company really carries it through to production.