Samsung Demonstrates World's First LTE Netbook

It's funny how our world has changed in the past couple of years. For the longest while, new technologies came to mainstream, full-size notebooks first. For those willing to pay the premium, they also had to pick up a larger machine. Now, with netbooks being as huge as they are, newer technologies are hitting those small machines first. Who would have thought that one of the world's first LTE-integrated laptops would be a netbook?

At Mobile World Congress in Spain, Samsung took a break from showcasing their new smartphones to demonstrate the planet's first LTE-enabled netbook. The N150 features Samsung's own Kalmia LTE modem chipset, and it could ship with 3G as well in order to hop between networks. Aside from the new connection option, the device remains largely unchanged; there's a 10.1" display, an Atom processor, 1GB/2GB of RAM and the rest of the usual netbook accessories.

Samsung isn't saying when it will ship this, nor for how much. Instead, they're saying they'll ship where there's market demand, which basically means "where there's LTE installed."