Samsung Reportedly Acquires Israeli Firm Corephotonics And Its Camera Zoom Tech

The smartphone market is hurting right now with fewer and fewer people upgrading their devices each year as changes tend to be minimal. Smartphone makers are more likely to get users to upgrade if they have a key differentiating features, and much of the Android market sets itself apart with innovative camera systems. Samsung is trying this with its 20MP front camera sensor designed specifically for punched hole displays on phones trying to minimize the notch as much as possible. A new report is making the rounds that says Samsung has acquired a camera company called Corephotonics.

galaxy s10 evan blass

Corephotonics is notable for two things; one is its fancy Hummingbird camera tech that combines images from wide and telephoto lens on the rear of the smartphone into a single digitally merged image. The result is a single image that can recreate the effect of a mechanical optical zoom. Rumors claim that Samsung acquired Corephotonics for $155 million.

The assumption is that if Samsung owns the company, the tech will find its way into future Samsung products. The second thing that Corephotonics is known for is suing Apple over alleged patent infringement. The suit includes the iPhone 7 Plus through the iPhone X, however, Apple also maintains that Corephotonics is infringing on patents that it holds for dual camera smartphones.

The only device maker using Corephotonics camera modules right now is Oppo with a 5x telephoto module and a 10x telephoto module. Corephotonics is also said to have developed a 25x zoom telephoto mobile camera lens that Samsung could likely use in future Galaxy devices. There has been no official confirmation as of now from Samsung or Corephotonics that the deal is underway. We also don't know if Oppo will continue to be allowed to buy the camera tech if a deal to purchase by Samsung is completed.

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