Samsung Considers Acquisition Of Nuance, The Voice Behind Apple’s Siri

Nuance Communications is a company you may or may not be familiar with, but you're almost certainly familiar with its products. Whether you know it or not, the company's voice recognition processing powers Apple's Siri, and according to a new report, that technology could be up for sale. So it goes when you don't actually own the things that power your technology, Apple could be looking at a situation where its most bitter rival (Samsung) purchases the company that's providing the brains behind Siri. Obviously, fireworks would probably ensue, and Apple would have to figure out where else to turn to make Siri tick.

Or, of course, Samsung and Apple could find themselves in a bidding war. Mind you, all of this is rumor and speculation for now, but these rumors generally are based on some level of truth. If Samsung were to go ahead with the purchase, it would almost certainly use the tech to power voice technologies within its own Galaxy devices, while Apple would probably try to turn elsewhere as to not continue relying on a product housed under the Samsung umbrella.

Beyond all of this, it showcases just how two-sided the entire smartphone segment is. You've got Apple and Samsung playing with the heaviest hitters, but where is everyone else? Sitting back with less cash and eroding marketshare. One has to wonder if this kind of playing field is going to be beneficial to consumers in the long run.