Samsung Claims Highest Capacity 7200RPM Notebook HDD

Unless you're willing to invest in a full-blown desktop replacement, computing on the go has often meant sacrificing performance and capacity, all in the name of mobility. While that's still the case, Samsung has narrowed the divide by introducing their new Spinpoint MP4 2.5-inch internal hard drive.

The MP4 delivers 640GB of storage spread across just two platters, making it the highest-density, 2.5-inch drive around. Combined with a 7200RPM rotation speed, 16MB of cache, and improved caching algorithms, Samsung says you can expect up to a 30 percent performance boost over 5400RPM drives.

"Demonstrating Samsung's industry leadership in delivering advanced and high performing storage solutions, the Spinpoint MP4 offers the biggest capacity what has previously been offered as an option for advanced data storage," said H.S. Lee, vice president, storage and marketing, Samsung Electronics. "The large capacity and productivity improvements in the MP4 drive make it an optimal solution for our notebook PC and slim-desktop customers."

The features don't end there, however. Samsung's MP4 boasts external USB 3.0 support, NCQ, an optional Free Fall sensor, and a decrease in power consumption by 34 percent during read/write operations when compared to the MP2.

Samsung will start shipping the MP4 to OEMs later this month.