Samsung CEO Claims Galaxy Fold Display Fix Confirmed, Re-Launch May Be Imminent

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung pitched a "revolutionary display" as part of the Galaxy Fold, the folding smartphone "made from bonded layers of innovative polymer material." And maybe it will be revolutionary when all is said and done. That will depend in part on whether or not Samsung has figured out and fixed the issue(s) that plagued the Galaxy Fold's initial launch, as the company claims it has.

For anyone who has not been following the situation, the Galaxy Fold represents Samsung's attempt to innovate in the smartphone space, with a handset that folds in half to function as a regular smartphone (albeit a chunky one) and opens up to operate as a mini tablet.

"The 4.6-inch cover display allows for easy one-handed use. Open it up to reveal the tablet-sized, 7.3-inch main display for a more immersive view," Samsung says.

Unfortunately, the initial design appears to have not been ready for prime time. There have been issues with the phone's main display, which had been noted both by users how preordered the handset, and by reviewers.

The folks at iFixIt subsequently performed a teardown of the Galaxy Fold, which found several problematic gaps that could lead to trouble (by way of letting dirt and debris migrate underneath the display). Samsung then halted a broader roll out and even cancelled some preorders in the US while it investigates.

Samsung believes it has found the problem, though, and may resume shipments soon.

"[Samsung] has reviewed the defect caused from substances [that entered the device], and will reach a conclusin in a couple of days [on the launch]," Samsung CEO Dong-Jin Koh said, according to The Korea Herald.

He also added, "We will not be too late," in response to a question about re-launching the Galaxy Fold in the US later this month. That does not really answer the question, though it does confirm that Samsung is planning to forge ahead with the Galaxy Fold, and wants to re-launch it sooner than later.

One of the main issues with the Galaxy Fold is a protective film that comes pre-applied. This is crucial to the operation of the display. Removing it can cause permanent damage to the phone's screen, though that was not obvious from the get-go.

It's not clear if Samsung is redesigning the film, or has found an alternative solution to ensure that dust and debris can't sneak inside.