Samsung Reportedly Developing Cheaper 6.7-inch Foldable Phone For 2020 Launch

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung must be feeling extra confident in the tweaks it made to its Galaxy Fold, because apparently it already planning a follow-up act. If the latest rumor is true, Samsung will launch another premium phone with a folding display sometime next year, and it will be more affordable than the one that is re-launching later this month.

The initial design problems that plagued the current generation Galaxy Fold are well documented. Samsung had hoped to take the smartphone market by storm with essentially a new form factor, but instead of blazing a new trail, the Galaxy Fold stumbled righto out of the gate—models sent to reviewers broke down in quick order, exposing a faulty design.

Samsung then rolled back the Galaxy Fold's launch to investigate the issues. Since the, the company claims it has discovered what went wrong, and has redesigned the Galaxy Fold with a protective cover that extends further, going into the bezels. Now a re-launch is just weeks away.

How things go remains to be seen, but looking ahead, Bloomberg says Samsung has been collaborating with American designer Thom Browne on the next-gen foldable phone. It is said to be thinner than the current-gen model, with a 6.7-inch inner display that folds inward.

There is a punch-hole camera on the inner display, and two rear cameras. When opened, the phone will have more of a smartphone shape, allowing Android apps to run normally (whereas the Galaxy Fold opens to a more square aspect ratio).

The biggest thing will be the price, though. Barring a change, Samsung's asking price on the current-generation Galaxy Fold is $1,980, putting it at the ultra-high-end of the spectrum. That's a tough ask, especially with competitors planning foldable phones of their own.