Samsung Bringing Premium Suite Software Update To Original Galaxy Note

Samsung's Galaxy Note range of phablets has taken off in a way that most outside of Samsung never could have imagined. New form factors are always a gamble, but it seems that splitting the difference between a tablet and a smartphone has paid off in spades for the Galaxy brand. In fact, even owners of the original Galaxy Note now have something else to look forward to. Samsung has just confirmed that the Premium Suite upgrade for the original Note is en route. It's a refreshed user interface, which pulls many details from the UI that ships with the Note II. It'll give Note owners Air View, multi-window apps, and an easy clip function that enables users to crop / share images and text with the S Pen stylus.

Even better, Jelly Bean will make it possible for Note owners to enjoy the spoils of Google Now, which is Google's intelligent robot that pulls information from your Gmail, Gcal, and search history in order to give you alerts when you need them (and perhaps least expect them). Samsung's staying quiet on a release window, but it shouldn't be too much longer now.