Samsung Bringing Android 4.1 + Premium Suite To Galaxy Note 10.1

If you've been sitting on your Galaxy Note 10.1 and getting a little envious of all that Android 4.2 talk, hopefully this will tide you over. While v4.2 has yet to be announced for the company's largest Note product, there's a beefed-up version of v4.1 on the way. Bringing Google Now, Project Butter and a host of other refinements found in Jelly Bean, Note 10.1 owners will also be blessed with the Premium Suite. It goes a long way in adding even more multitasking abilities to the slate by including Multi Window.

With that, you can have up to 16 apps open at once, and each one can be moved around and pinned just like on a legitimate desktop OS. Air View is also included, which gives the user the ability to preview events and media just by hovering the S Pen stylus atop the display. There's also Easy Clip, Photo Note, Paper Artist, a bolstered S Note app and Quick Command, all of which will give productivity nerds even more to cheer about. There's no date pinned to the release, but hopefully it'll arrive prior to Santa.

Tags:  Samsung, Android, tablet