Samsung Assembles Elite Team To Design Displays Exclusively For Apple Devices

As odd as it may sound, the business relationship between Apple and Samsung is growing stronger by the day and expanding into areas beyond semiconductor chip manufacturing. Apparently Samsung has put together a team of around 200 employees dedicated entirely to building displays for Apple's products, and nothing else.

That's according to Bloomberg and the "people with direct knowledge of the matter" that it spoke with. As those unnamed sources tell it, the special team of display makers has been tasked with providing screens for iPad devices and MacBook computers. The team also helps develops new products, though details of the arrangement are a bit fuzzy since details of the arrangement haven't been made public.


Assuming the information is accurate, this is an interesting development, as it seems to indicate that tensions between Apple and Samsung are subsiding. This is in stark contrast to when the two sides blitzed each other with lawsuits around the globe pertaining to their mobile devices, though the contentious nature of their relationship has fizzled somewhat starting when the two agreed to drop all lawsuits outside the U.S.

More recently, it was reported that Samsung would again be making custom SoCs for Apple's next generation of iPhone and iPad devices after losing out to TSMC last round. With Apple now tapping Samsung to dedicate a team to building displays for its products, it seems these two firms have found it better to get along with work together rather than continue spending hundreds of millions of dollars on legal fees.