Samsung Appoints Two New Co-CEOs: Because One Leader Just Isn't Enough

What's a company to do when it's selling more phones than it ever imagined, and has too many people to congratulate? Give 'em all promotions, it seems. Shortly after unveiling the Galaxy S 4 to the world, Samsung has promoted two other individuals to be CEO. Yes, you read that correctly. As of today, Samsung has three Chief Executive Officers. It's a hugely confusing move, but not entirely unprecedented. For years, RIM (now known as BlackBerry) had two CEOs, and while that worked okay for some time... well, we all know how it ended up.

At any rate, President Boo-keun Yoon and President J.K. Shin are now being dubbed co-CEOs. Vice Chairman Oh-Hyun Kwon will retain his position as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, while also continuing to oversee Samsung Electronics' component business. Mr. Yoon will continue his role of overseeing the Consumer Electronics Division, which includes TV and appliance products, while Mr. Shin will remain in charge of the IT & Mobile Communications Division.

So, remember -- listen to the boss. No, that boss. No, the other one. Wait, which one?
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