Samsung Announcing Complete Brand Makeover For CES 2013

Korean electronics maker Samsung is reportedly in the midst of a "radical brand makeover," one that will give the company a brand new look. Details are mostly vague, though it will all become clear at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which is when and where Samsung is said to be unveiling its brand makeover.

Australia's Channel News claims to have an exclusive on the few details that are known, including the fact that Samsung has tapped into the resources of a design team that's been involved with brand development for Nike. The idea is to present Samsung with a more "vibrant International brand image" on the level of Apple, the company's archrival.

Galaxy S III Ali G

Scott Bedbury, who has worked on numerous Nike brand projects and previously worked for Starbucks (he's now a freelance brand consultant), is spearheading Samsung's makeover campaign. One of Channel News' sources said Bedbury will attempt to link Samsung with lifestyle activities similar to Nike.

Samsung employees who have run out of business cards are stuck in limbo until the brand overhaul is complete, as the familiar blue Samsung logo will be scrapped in favor of something else.
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