Samsung And Apple Nearing Government Security Clearance

When does a company know they've "made it?" We'd say that differs for each company and situation, but when you're Apple and Samsung, this might just be it. While both phone makers have amassed a huge following of consumers, there's one area where secure handsets like BlackBerrys still rule: government. But according to a new Wall Street Journal report, the U.S. Department of Defense "expects in coming weeks to grant two separate security approvals for Samsung's Galaxy smartphones, along with iPhones and iPads running Apple's latest operating system—moves that would boost the number of U.S. government agencies allowed to use those devices."

Needless to say, both companies have been trying hard to win over the right people in order to get approvals, and while it isn't likely to impact overall market share very much, it's a great thing to be able to claim. Anyone who had any doubts about the security of iOS or Android will likely think twice if this deal goes through as it's expected to.