Samsung Acquires MOVL To Bolster Smart TV / Apps Ecosystem

The battle for the living room has become a war, and if Apple really does introduce a television-style product, you can bet that grenades are going to be lobbed from every direction. Samsung isn't wasting any time stocking up on munitions, with a TechCrunch report suggesting that it has just purchased MOVL in order to build out superior multi-screen mobile / TV apps. The company's WatchON app, which launched on the Galaxy Note 8.0, has a lot of holes, despite being a solid concept. Hopefully, MOVL's technology can patch some of those holes.

MOVL is the maker of the API platform, "which lets developers create apps to connect TVs via the cloud, as well as mobile phones on home networks." MOVL confirmed the news earlier this week: In April 2013, two years after inception, MOVL has officially joined forces with Samsung. We are now a part of Samsung Electronics, and we are excited to combine our multi-screen capabilities with Samsung’s scale and innovation in its device ecosystem.”

Samsung is hoping to link its smart TV platform, tablets, and phones in an ecosystem that works beautifully together -- and this purchase will accelerate those plans. Whether or not MOVL continues to develop outside of Samsung, however, remains to be seen.