Samsung / Google Android Event Scheduled for Oct. 4

One week after Apple's "big event," which is the introduction of the next-generation iPhone, or iPhones, Google and Samsung have scheduled their own "big event." October 11, 2011, will be the Samsung Mobile Unpacked Google Episode, where folks will be able to "get a look at what's new from Android."

We already know the answer to part of that: "Ice Cream Sandwich," which is still to receive a number, but which we'll guess is 4.0. ICS is supposed to unify the tablet and smartphone experiences on Android devices.

The second thing they will introduce is some sort of Samsung Android phone. It will be the next-generation of Google developer phones, the successor to the Samsung Nexus S which was in turn the successor to the HTC Nexus One. The current name being bandied about is the Samsung Nexus Prime.

It's all rumor, and would be discounted as inferior to an iPhone 5 by iDevice fans, but the Nexus Prime is rumored to be a super-phone, hardware-spec wise. It will carry the requisite dual-core processor, with 4.5-inch or 4.65-inch screen, and will include 4G. For the first time, also, it's rumored Google will move away from an unlocked phone, one that will work on T-Mobile or AT&T frequencies, and put the device on Verizon's LTE network.

These Google developer phones are always stock Android, and that means that they don't carry anything like TouchWiz or Sense, and that carries with it the added benefit that they are generally the first devices to get major platform updates (since there's no extra UI layer to worry about).

For iDevice lovers, Oct. 4 is a day to watch. For Android lovers, it's Oct. 11. Both days will be big days for those who love technology.