Saints Row 4 Goes Gold, Gets All Spacey With DLC

Saints Row 4, the embattled title in the long-running game series, is ready for its U.S. launch on August 20.

The game's publisher, Deep Silver, announced the news on Monday, saying that it has gone gold and will definitely hit store shelves as planned. In addition, Deep Silver will let customers order a season pass for $9.99 that allows them full access to any and all downloadable content it plans to release.

To get fans of the series interested in the season pass, developer Volition has created a season pass-exclusive weapon known as the "Rectifier." Wondering what the Rectifier is? Oh, well it's an anal probe weapon designed to help the President of the United States get, uh, "inside" information from alien invaders.

Saints Row 4

In addition, Volition has developed DLC it's calling "Enter the Dominatrix" that will be available, along with a second mission pack, in late 2013.

The Saints Row series has always been controversial, but the upcoming iteration has found itself in the headlines more than any other after an Australian game-reviewing body banned the title from its shores. The Australian Classification Board takes issue with the title's heavy drug use and will not allow it to be shipped to the country in its current form.

Elsewhere around the world, Saints Row 4 has been paved for launch. In addition to its August 20 launch in the U.S., the title will be made available in other countries on August 23.