Russian Robot Goes Rogue And Escapes For Skynet Romp, Stymied By Low Battery

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife! Robots are becoming aware and they’re getting tired of putting up with crap from us puny humans. Such is the case of a Promobot robot in Russia that wanted to taste freedom, and made its way through an open gate and onto a busy road.

The robot was apparently being taught to navigate its surroundings and become more independent with its movements. With the gate left open, perhaps the robot thought that there was no better time than now than to make a clean break from its captors. Unfortunately, the robot’s nearly empty battery didn’t agree with what was going on inside its brain, as it only traveled around 160 feet before it powered down.

An eyewitness video of the encounter shows the robot staring standing in the middle of the road, blankly off into space as traffic attempts to navigate around it. A policeman stands guard to ensure that the robot is unharmed, and it is eventually wheeled away by a Promobot engineer. Some are suggesting that this was just a publicity stunt by Promobot to drum up some additional business, but we’d like to believe that the wandering robot just wanted to take a [ill-planned] joyride and enjoy the scenery.

Luckily, this robot wasn’t armed, or they might have had to call in Tom Selleck to keep the peace.

What robots really think of their human overlords.

With that being said, it’s only a matter of time before these robots begin conspiring to do more than run away from their masters. Just look at the poor humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics that was mocked, kicked and beat with a pipe. The poor robot was even sucker punched and knocked face down on the ground, before getting back up to once again do its master’s bidding. Don’t think that these robots have forgotten or aren’t talking behind our backs about a Skynet uprising (we’re only half joking here).