Russian Officials Ditch Their iPads For Samsung Android Tablets On Fear Of Spying

Russia seems to be making news these days for all of the wrong reasons, but the latest tidbit doesn't involve military actions or international sanctions. Purportedly in response to the NSA outings in the U.S., Russian government officials have traded in their iPads for Samsung tablets. The telecommunications minister has said that the move is being made to "ensure tighter security," presumably as Apple is a U.S.-based outfit, whereas Samsung is housed in South Korea.

The move actually happened a small while ago, but just now came to light. Samsung has made some pretty serious moves in terms of security, with Knox being the most publicized. For what it's worth, the move is said to not be in reaction to America's own reaction to Russia's moves in Ukraine.

Samsung certainly has a lot to live up to, though, and one has to wonder just how much "safer" information is within Russia due to using Galaxy tablets over the iPad. Given just how much of the intel is transmitted over the Internet, it's really the network side of things that should be of greatest concern. Still, it's pretty interesting that political games now involve consumer technology -- who would've thunk it?