Russia Wins Silver Medal In Spam

Russia has climbed into second place, behind the good ol' US of A, in producing junk e-mails, according to the security firm Sophos.  One in twelve junk e-mails in the world  is sent from Russia. China takes third, with 4.2 percent of the trash in any given inbox.

"Countries that continually remain among the top spam-relaying countries need to ensure that they are doing more to proper defend computer systems," said Mike Haro, senior security analyst at Sophos.

"If they continue to sit back as compromised computers spread malicious emails and malware, then hackers will continue to look at these systems as easy targets in their efforts to turn them into botnets," which can be controlled by hackers.

In one of the latest efforts to bypass spam filters, Sophos said cybercriminals sent out their messages with supposed music files from stars such as Elvis Presley, Fergie and Carrie Underwood attached to the messages.

The files actually contained a monotone voice encouraging people to buy shares in a little-known company.

I think I'd prefer the monotone voice to Carrie Underwood, Fergie, and Elvis, but maybe that's just me.

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