Rumored 13-inch Apple ‘iPad Maxi’ Coming in 2014

Remember when Steve Jobs thrashed the concept of a 7-inch tablet, calling it a tweener device that sits between a smartphone and what he viewed as a traditionally sized slate (9.7 inches)? At the time, it seemed unlikely Apple would ever launch an iPad smaller than 9.7 inches, but then came the iPad mini, which is giving its bigger brother a run for its money. Now there's talk that Apple might move in the opposite direction and launch an super-sized iPad device.

Korean language website claims to have heard from "industry sources" that Apple is going to launch a tentatively (and comically) named "iPad Maxi" tablet with a 12.9-inch display. Should Apple stick with that name, we suspect outlets like Saturday Night Live will have a field day poking fun at it.

Apple iPad

No matter what it's called, the real story here is the physical size of the tablet. It would be an interesting move at a time when tablet makers are downsizing their displays, though Apple is already serving two different market segments with its iPad line.

Another reason why Apple might consider a 12.9-inch iPad is to steal some customers away from purchasing a Windows-based Ultrabook (Intel) or Ultrathin (AMD). According to IDC, tablets are in position to overtake traditional PC sales within the next several years, and a larger size slate could be just another stepping stone along the way.